Agro-climatic simulation model - ROIMPEL

ROIMPEL is a modular simulation model of crop yields limited by soil -water and -nitrogen availability, using limited easy-to-map soil and weather data. Therefore, ROIMPEL is appropriate for GIS based regional and sub-regional land-use evaluation projects. Various practices for nitrogen and water management could be very easy considered specifying some easy to derive parameters through external files. ROIMPEL derives workability day statistics (optimum, soil too wet, or too dry) to be used for the optimisation of machinery and labour at the farm level. The nitrate concentrations which are potential hazardous for groundwater contamination are optionally derived. The minimum requirements for soil data are the soil texture and organic matter classes. The minimum weather data needed by the model are monthly values of the average daily air temperature and the monthly-cumulated rainfall. Hence, ROIMPEL is very helpful for climate change research projects where the perturbations of the climate parameters are scaled down from GCMs on a monthly base.

Documenation: Roimpel model