Tiamasg Foundation has been involved in several Romanian and EC projects over several framework programmes focusing on the development of software, modeling and software integration.

Our Most Valued Projects Include

  • ACCELERATES Assessing climate change effects on land use and ecosystems: from regional analysis to the European scale (2001 - 2004 as Contractor)
  • ADAGIO ADaptation Of AGriculture In European Regions At Environmental Risk Under Climate Change 2007 - 2009 as Contractor.
    adagio-eu.org adagio.tiamasg.com
  • CLIMSAVE CLIMSAVE - Climate Change Integrated Assessment Methodology for Cross-SectoralAdaptation and Vulnerability in Europe 2010-2013 as Deputy Coordinator.
  • GISAT Contract Study and data on the main physiological and cultivation aspects of selected agricultural crops in Romania. Service contract for GISAT - Czech Republic
  • IAGINT Agro-environmental indicators based on digital terrain modeling for vulnerability characterization of agricultural systems on hilly landscapes 2006-2008 Romanian Research Project founded by Romanian Government. iagint.tiamasg.com
  • MULINO Multi-sectoral Integrated and Operational decision support system for sustainable use of water resources at the catchment scale 2001-2004 as Contractor. siti.feem.it/mulino
  • Nostrum DSS Network On Governance, Science And Technology For Sustainable Water Resources Management In The Mediterranean. The Role Of Dss Tools 2004-2007 as Contractor. feem-web.it/nostrum
  • REGIS Simulating the effects of future climate and socio-economic change in East Anglia and North West England.
  • RUBICODE Rationalising Biodiversity Conservation in Dynamic Ecosystems 2007-2009 as Oxford University's Sub-contractor. rubicode.net