IAGINT - Agro-environmental indicators based on digital terrain modelling for
vulnerability characterization of agricultural systems on hilly landscapes
Thematic fields:
 6. Environment (including Climate Change)
 6.2. Sustainable Management of resources
o Conservation and sustainable management of natural and man-made resources
 6.4. Earth observation and assessment tools
o Forecasting methods and assessment tools
 6.1. Climate change, pollution and risks
o Pressures on environment and climate
 2. Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology
 2.1. Sustainable production and management of biological resources from land, forest
and aquatic environments
 3. Information and Communication Technologies
 3.3. Applications Research
o 3.3.1. ICT meeting societal challenges
 In support of the environment and sustainable development
 8. Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities
 8.2. Combining economic, social and environmental objectives in an European
 8.6. Socio-economic and scientific indicators
CEEX Program Module 1 Competition C2
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